Bryndis Isfold has worked on several campaigns in both the US and Europe.She worked for New York Mayor de Blasio’s campaign, the National Organization for Women's PAC supporting Hillary Clinton as president, as well as several local campaigns in New York City. In addition, she has run a national campaign for the Social Democrats in Iceland. She led the campaign for Iceland to join the European Union and has worked on many primaries, municipal and general elections in Iceland. She also served as deputy city councillor in the city of Reykjavík


Bryndis graduated with a Master’s degree in Election and Campaign management from Fordham University and has won two Pollie awards from the American Association of Political Consultants.


She has set in place media strategies and managed campaigns that have been successful in creating public awareness. These campaigns have drawn domestic and international media attention.

Bryndis has been a consultant for companies, NGOs, political officials, media companies and the Icelandic government. She also has experience as a journalist covering US presidential politics and working on gender equity.

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