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Washington, D.C.

Santa Barbara, CA.


Political campaigns are changing, and traditional progressive organizations- our parties, unions and community organizations- are struggling to keep pace. The conventional wisdom, that modern politics is an expensive media battle waged by polling experts and driven by “data” often loses sight of the thing that makes progressive politics both special and worthwhile: people.



Modernizing political operations doesn’t have to be expensive, and it doesn’t have to be about giving up on the personal, people-driven strategies and processes we’ve always relied upon. In fact, we believe that returning to old-fashioned, door-to-door appeals to voters is a crucial part of revitalizing and updating our work.



If your party or campaign has never knocked on doors or worked to recruit young activists from the community, we can help you get started. If you’ve already taken that step, we can help you make your field operations more scientific, more effective and, most importantly, integrate electoral campaigning with the year-round work of growing your membership, improving your skill sets and boosting your effectiveness.



Modern Action is a partisan consulting firm. While we are eager to work with organizations from across the progressive spectrum, we’re interested in electing left-of-center governments.  This isn’t just a business for us, we are on your side.  We will work hard for a wide variety of clients:



  • Individual candidates for national or local office

  • National, regional and local Political Parties

  • Trade Unions

  • Constituency, Single-Issue and Community Organizations

  • Ballot Measure/Referendum Campaigns


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