Daraka Larimore-Hall is an organizer, educator and political activist based in California.  In 2013, he was elected Secretary of the California Democratic Party and serves as the local Party chairman in Santa Barbara County.  Daraka holds a doctorate in political Sociology, and has written extensively on the relationship between political parties, social movements and grassroots activism. With over 20 years of experience as a youth, community, political and labor activist, Larimore-Hall brings a broad, integrated perspective to all of his work.


In addition to deep experience in electoral and issue-based campaigns in the United States, Larimore-Hall has worked for social democratic youth organizations in Norway and Sweden, and consulted on electoral and organizational strategies throughout Europe. He is the former president of one of the largest public sector union locals in California,  and is a longtime board member of electorally-focused community organizing groups.


Larimore-Hall’s focus and expertise is on organization building: updating the strategies parties and unions use to develop a grassroots base while maintaining their traditional roles as crucial democratic institutions. He rejects the idea that modern, decentralized campaign tactics have to mean abandoning core principles or disempowering membership. As a grassroots Democratic Party leader during the historic campaigns of Howard Dean and Barack Obama, Larimore-Hall learned important lessons about this false trade-off.

“Take from the altars of the past not the ashes, but the fire.”- Jean Juarès

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