Gerin is a design manager and strategic consultant commuting between Vienna, Austria and Uppsala in Sweden. He has a formation in product and furniture design from Kingston University London. Gerin is rooted
in the progressive youth activism in Austria and has worked for several pupils' and student campaigns. He has been a strategical adviser to the Austrian chancellor and was responsible for several youth related election campaigns. His recent work has focused on open
innovation design strategies and open data. He is curating the ViennaOpen festival since 2011.

Gerin Trautenberger is member of the Austrian Professional Association of Design (DA, Design Austria), where he is responsible for the annual compilation and publishing of the guidelines for royalties and professional fees. Since 2014 he is also the chairman of the Kreativwirtschaft Austria (KAT) the Austrian national association for creative industry companies, founded by the Austrian Federal Economic
Chamber (WKÖ). In 2010, Gerin Trautenberger was appointed member of the Leadership Board  for the European Design Innovation Initiative (EDII), an initiative to consult the EU Commission DG Industry & Enterprise in design innovation policies. Gerin Trautenberger
regularly teaches at the University of Applied Arts (experimental Media design/ Prof. Peter Weibl and Prof. Thomas Fürster) in Vienna and a the "POP Akademie" at the University of Mannheim.

In his work, Gerin focuses on design strategies and management with a specialization in UI (User Interfaces), digital communication (in particular social media) and on building online communities. His work is inspired by his strong ties to activism and a passion for creative commons, open innovations and open data. He is devoted to empowerment and inclusive strategies, rather than exclusive and luxury gadgetry.










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