Modern Action Strategies is a consulting firm dedicated to helping progressive political parties, youth organizations, labor unions and social movement groups maximize their effectiveness.


Our approach is simple: combine cutting-edge technology and strategy with old-fashioned community organizing. Our goal is to strengthen the organizations we work with from the ground up.


Every campaign, whether electoral, issue-based or in the workplace is an opportunity to build your organization, create new leaders and renew the commitments of your members. That can only happen if you build long-term goals into the immediate ones.


Modern Action was created by activists for activists. We’ve been in the trenches, winning elections, mobilizing activists, and learning from a wide variety of organizing models and traditions worldwide.


While media and communications are important, we believe that organizing and face-to-face outreach is the key, not only for individual victories, but also to building the momentum it takes to renew and revitalize our progressive infrastructure.


Too often, the parties and organizations of the left and center-left restrict themselves to short-term thinking. We need to remember that every election is followed by another election, every collective bargaining contract expires, and only by investing in our membership, with training, organizing tools and long-term strategy, can we stay competitive in the long-run.


Politics is a team sport. Let us help you build your team.


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